At Prime Education we clearly understand the challenges faced by students aspiring to study overseas. Students are often confused about selecting the course country and chaos on visa application procedures. Keeping in mind the needs of students, we have designed our processes in a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free.

Backed by our management and staff competency of understanding student matters and providing flexible and confident solutions; we offer you following services and also some value added services. Please note that the following services our absolutely free of charge! We live in your dreams and help to make it a reality!

Prime Education will guide you through the process of applying to a College or University that you ultimately select to submit your application. We will advice you on everything that you need to fill in the application and then the documents you need to send along with the application

Prime Education offer the following services:

Career Counseling / Course Selection

We help students to choose the right destination, the right course and institution that matches their career aspirations and personal circumstances such as academic, employment and financial background.

  • Selecting your field of study based on your qualifications and future career prospects.
  • Advising on pathways for various academic programs. .
  • Finding the best suited university to meet your budgetary requirements. .
  • Assisting in university application process. .
  • Advising on the documents required to apply for the university offer letter. .
  • Certification of sighting of original documents. .
  • Continuous follow up and obtaining offer letters from universities and institutions. .
  • Co-ordination and communication with students and universities. .


We assist students to select colleges and universities abroad. Our advice is non- commercial and is not limited to the Universities we represent. We strive to offer accurate and time saving admissions information.

Student Visas

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. Students are given all information on the correct procedures and protocols including providing advice on the documentation required, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on student’s behalf with the concerned visa office.

Pre ­ departure

Foreign exchange formalities, pre ­ departure briefing and training for settling into the new host country, accommodation and travel arrangements, post arrival issues and assisting parents to ensure students are well settled abroad.

  • Assisting in banking formalities (making payments to the high commissions/universities). .
  • Creating awareness about Immigration regulations and policies. .
  • Briefing about living expenses, culture and important facts about the specific country. .
  • Briefing about the student associations and services related to the universities. .

Career Counseling and Information

Students' academic background Advice the students depends on their background and ability to spend on future education International career plan for various course, colleges or Universities across the world Providing information through manually and electronically.

Choosing Right Universities and Decision-making

Our councilors help the students in finding the right education destination, universities and college for more than 1000 different courses offered worldwide related to their requirements.

Consulting students for admission procedures and help them to get admissions.

Assisting students and his / her parents in preparing visa application and applying for their student visa.


Our well experienced faculties are providing the student in house training for competitive exams like exams like IELTS, General Vocabulary, Personality development and Good Communication Skills.

Document Preparation and Admission

Our experienced faculties help the student in preparing a good application with all the required details makes a positive impact on the institution. A good application increasing the possibility of securing admission and also marginally reducing the inconvenience that the College and university might have to face for reasons as missing documents or incomplete application. However, the students are often unaware about the application procedure and the documentation to be submitted. Our counselors assist all the students with the precise documentation required to be submitted along with the application forms.

Bank Loan Assistance

If the student requires the loan we assist them in preparation of documents, guidance and securing educational loans from various banks.

Pre-visa counselling & Documentation

Once the student has received an offer letter from the College / University our councilors will discuss it with the students about the visa procedure to be followed. We also help the student to contact that country’s embassy and guide the students in preparing various documents required for obtaining a student's visa in that country.

R & P Education Consultants counsel the students for their visa interview by giving tips about the interview sessions. We also regularly collect latest details about the immigration, visa procedure of various countries.

Travel Assistance and Airline Ticket Booking

R & P Education Consultants assist the candidate in airline ticket booking through different travel agencies at a discounted rate. We also arranging their airport pick up at the arrival of the airport.

Accommodation and Part-time Job

R & P Education Consultants assist the students for accommodation and part‐time job. We provide detailed information to the students with respect to their University /College accommodation, hostel facilities, booking, payments etc. We also help the student in getting a part time job in various places by providing information about the career opportunities and career consultant information.

Assisting In Visa Application Process

  • Advising on the documents required to apply for visa.
  • Providing guidance to complete visa application form and other related documents.
  • Preparing visa documentation.
  • Reviewing visa application forms, certificates and transcripts, financial documents and other supporting documents.
  • Following up your visa application.

Travel Accomodation & Airport Pickups

  • Assisting in ticketing arrangements.
  • Arrangements of on campus accommodation or home stay accommodation.
  • Airport pickup arrangements.

Important facts

  • Identification of Universities and Colleges
  • Assistance in Filling of Application forms
  • Assistance in Documentation for Admission
  • Regular follow-up with Universities and colleges
  • Assistance in Securing Student Scholarship from the respective universities/colleges
  • Assistance in securing Educational loans
  • Assistance in Visa Documentation * Mock Visa interviews